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If you have a question about parts for a transducer, please find the white plastic label on the transducer cable and include the information from that label in your message. The most important items of information on the label are the the transducer model and the part number (PN).

Examples of transducer labels

Label for a model P79 transducer with PN 31-247-1-01. This transducer operates at 235kHz and was made in August 2014 (08/14). It was made for Faria equipment and the Faria part number is P79-235-FARIA.

Label for a model P32 transducer with PN 31-333-2-41. This transducer operates at 200kHz and was made in June 2015 (06/15). It was made for VDO equipment and the VDO part number is P32/200-VDO.

Reverse of label showing item serial number.


The number 20-399-01 on the top of this transducer is the part number of the top cap only and is NOT a valid transducer part number. It does not help identify the transducer.